It never fails to amaze me that we as human beings are so dependent upon time. For thousands of years mankind, in its infancy marked it by the rising and setting of the sun. Today we mark it by coffee breaks and lunch hours, weekends, and dollars.

Still, its our world and we must live in it. For anyone to be successful whether they write or pull wrenches, a person needs goals and aspirations. I’ve set goals for myself that I’ve managed to fulfil, and others I know I’ll never fulfil. I just can’t see myself dropping everything and riding on horseback from the west coast to the east coast, not with a young son, a fledgling career coming along, and the rest of the reality of life.

It would have been nice to do and I may do a variation of it in the future but like so many goals its a dream. I’ve since started to set goals I know are achievable, are realistic and I know for a fact will reach fruition. My goals for the next few weeks are simple, write at least six chapters a week. Finish and polish my manuscript and get it ready to be sent in to the publisher that has alraedy seen and liked the partial no later than June 30, 2008.

Far fetched? I don’t think so. I can type a chapter a day, and my crit partners and I work well together. We manage to maintain a steady flow of work between each other so that I send chapters and continue working. They send them back to me and I send more. I do the edits, read the suggestions, use or discard what I can and on it goes.

So I’m challenging everyone to set themselves a goal. To be realistic, to do a game plan whether in their head or not and strive to make that goal come true. Hard work and dedication can move mountains…or take you one step closer to your aspirations in this life. Good luck, please keep me posted on how you’re doing