For those of us just getting started in creating great, marketable bookcovers and banners there are so many options out there. Are they all the same? No. Are they all good quality programs, graphics, pictures? No. Some have royalty restrictions, some want you to pay an exorbiant amount for them. Others are free but low quality.

To find the perfect match of graphic and design you have to look. You have toknow what you’re limits are, how much you’re willing to spend both in time and money. There are a few good sites out there that I’ve found and use. There’s one that only requests a credit somewhere in the book to use their pictures.

Still others say they’re free but when you open a picture there’s watermarks throughout. It’s frustrating and confusing but I’m hoping, you the readers will have some suggestions. I’d like to put together a list of links, sites, references that are available for research and graphics, pictures, etc that are reputable and more importantly affordable.

Feel free to post your suggestions, I’ll look at each of them! Have fun and thanks.