For most of us we don’t think of the little things we take for granted. Toys for our kids, clothes on our backs, the price of a wax. But for many these are luxuries, things that they have to scrimp and save for. Not that long ago I was doing a search for patterns on line and came across this woman who does ‘Rescue Dolls’.

You’re thinking what the heck is that, right? It’s simple. I collect 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls from yard sales, thrift stores, parents and kids are just going to throw them away and dress them in period costumes. As an avid crochet person, I crochet the costume, dress, undies, and all and put them on the doll then give them to the foodbank, the local shelter, or emergency aide society.

It’s a worthwhile and satisfying endevour. One that I find relaxing and enjoyable because I’ve been there. I’ve seen other kids with a fancy doll and pretty clothes and wanted it. Now that I’m a grown up, now that I can afford to buy a bit of yarn now and then I do this.

What do you do to give back? How do you help those who have nothing, or very little because of some twist of fate that leaves them below the standard we as a society set? This is my challenge to you, rescue a doll, donate to a local pet shelter, volunteer and hour or two at the local school.

I promise you, it won’t be something you’ll ever regret… and if it makes a little kid happy all that much better.