All my life I’ve never just done one thing. I’ve always had several things on the go be they items that I’m working on for Rescue Dolls, or my writing, showing horses or working. I’mone of those disgustingly busy people who even when they can relax can’t.

In the evening I watch television, work on my writing, talk on the phone, and most of the time I’m doing it all at once. Even when I’m focused on my writing, I’ve got a web page open, my music going, and I’m up and down doing house work. Disgusting isn’t it?

I’m learning how to prioritize my time. To set limits, to deal with one thing at a time so that I’m not left with partially completed tasks all the time. I set myself small goals, small priorities that must be completed and so far I’ve had results. I won’t say its a success because I’m still doing three things at once but at least I’m learning to finish something before I add another project to the mix.

Being prolific isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does take getting used to. You have to develop the skills and the mental strength to follow through. Sometimes you have to train your brain to focus. I’ve learned that most prolific people (Not all – and I am in no way shape or form an expert here) have a touch of ADHD. I’ve spoken to professionals, talked to experts, researched this, and found that yes it is a common trait in women who have ADHD to be prolific multi-taskers.

I think it’s something worth thinking about. Until next time then, have a great day! Lets see what you come up with, see how you respond to challenges – and today’s challenge is simple. Finish one thing you start – even if its that morning coffee!


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