For many writers we create worlds within our minds that we turn into fiction. Fan fiction or not our brains build on bits of fact and our experiences. I know a lot of people through several forums who research a great deal for their stories and in the end they have this fantastic fiction story and piles of notes from books, experts and others in the ‘know’ as it were.

So what do you do with them? I said in an earlier column about taking your notes and putting them into a non-fiction paper. This is sorta of an expansion of that idea. While I was reading an interview Kissa Starling did on her blog, I got to know a bit about a new publishing company that’s attached to an older, larger one.

This interview and editor peeked my interest so I did a bit of digging around and found that Jupiter Gardens Press has several imprints. Now Jupiter Gardens is a an alternative spirituality Fiction/nonfiction publisher. However they do have several other genres that their imprints publish. Pink Petals does Romance and Kittyhorse Publishing does animal anthologies that they donate proceeds to various charities.

The imprints looked good and I contact the publisher of one and spoke to her. She was enthusiastic, professional, and I felt comfortable discussing the idea I had with her. So if you’ve got a true story about an animal in your life, your cat, dog, horse check them out.

The links to them are: