It seems so unusual to have nothing to say – to write – when you’ve got that dreaded curse of writers block. Still, many suffer it, work their way through it. For some of us its as simple as our brains agreeing to work.

You’re probably laughing at that statement but it’s the truth. I’m extremely prolific – I’ve always got two or three things on the go and for me to have nothing – is uncomfortable. We had guests, as I’ve mentioned, they stayed for two weeks and I didn’t write a single word. Thought it was because I wasn’t on the computer -but it wasn’t that. My brain – and my muse – had decided that I had enough on my plate. I was, admittedly, stressing a bit about the edits for my Christmas novella, about my company, family problems, and then work. For me my writers block wasn’t about not having anything to say – it was simply my brain’s way of telling me to relax, to become stress free.

So, now where I am? Well I’m elbows deep in writing again. Pumping out two chapters a day, except for yesterday when I did two and a half, researching Spain and Australia circa 1850’s, looking up names from 9th century Ireland for my next Viking Saga book (Which doesn’t really have a viking in it other than as a secondary character), doing interviews, planning a book reading for September, scheduling photo shoots, and taking care of two boys besides my own. Busy? Mmm maybe, but at least when I sit down to work on my books there’s something flowing. My fingers are typing away faster than my eyes can read and I’m once again comfortable in my skin.

It may seem strange, unusual, or just plain odd but I found that if I let my ‘inner writer’ have free reign not only am I typing out quantity but quality. So for everyone whose having one of those days that nothing seems to want to flow, where you’re constantly second guessing yourself and your writing, have faith. Your muse, creative juices, or what ever you call ’em will kick back in and when they do you’ll be back into the full swing of writing.

Until then, take a moment to breathe, to wallow in the experiences that you’re going through. To contemplate what you want and how you can get it. Until next time, have a great day and a great weekend!